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7 Signs You are Meant to Be an Author

1) You love words: I know one of the objections to the King James Bible is that it is difficult to understand. I am not here to debate the validity of that emotionally charged statement, but I would state that people who truly love words, truly love the King James Bible for its beauty and nuance. If you love to read, for example, the 23rd Psalm, not only for the hope and comfort it gives, but also for its sheer beauty, (Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me;) you may be an author at heart.

2) You have a message to share: For many years, every time I sat with a lady and explained the Gospel to her, it seemed there never was enough time to tell her all I wanted to tell her. Writing "The Amazing Christian Life" allowed me to share many of those deeper truths. The response has been gratifying. I was able to put into words, what many others felt themselves. Is there a message on your heart? You are probably meant to be an author.

3) You have a life lesson or experience to share: Some of the best books and even movies are based upon true stories. What happened, how you dealt with it, and what you learned from it are not just interesting to others, but very helpful too. Your desire to share these experiences with others is a good indicator that you are an author at heart.

4) You are an avid reader: Vacation to me has always meant a few uninterrupted days of reading a book or two, cover to cover. I have always loved libraries and bookstores. I have a friend who had to buy a new Kindle because she filled the first one up with all of the eBooks she purchased. We laugh and say, "She who dies with the most eBooks wins!" Readers make the best authors.

5) You just love to write: If letters, journals, diaries, blogs, notes, and cards are all over your computer and desk you are an author at heart.

6) You are a storyteller: Do you like to tell stories? It is really almost a lost art. On long trips in the car my parents would tell us stories. Some were make believe but others were about their growing up and places they had lived. When you visit with friends, do you tell them stories about your daily adventures? Did you write stories as a kid? These are the things from which authors are made.

7) You are a people watcher: Do you notice details about others: their expressions, accents, clothing styles, attitudes and unique behaviors? Understanding and appreciating others is key in developing characters in a book. Some of my favorite books are not as much about the plot as they are about the characters. Let me encourage you to write a book and send me a copy when you do!

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