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5 Blessings of a Journal

One of the most enriching things I have ever added to my Amazing Christian Life, is that of keeping a journal.

1) Sermon and Bible Study Notes

As any student will tell you, taking notes is essential to learning material. Taking notes during a Pastor's message helps to keep our minds from wandering and helps us to retain the lesson. What a perfect place note any decisions or commitments made as a result of the message!

2) Personal Devotions

When the Holy Spirit impresses the truth of a particular passage upon your heart, your journal is there to record it. Journaling allows us to personalize our Bible study and personal devotions.

3) Inspirations

How many times have you heard a phrase or seen a saying somewhere and thought, "I need to remember that." And then forgot it? Me too! Noting those things in a journal saves them in one handy location.

4) Prayer Requests & Answers

Two things build our faith; the Word of God and answered prayer. As humans we tend to forget how often and how faithfully God answers prayer. God never fails and God never forgets. Keeping a prayer journal is the best way to enrich your prayer life!

5) Remembering Others

Schedules and planners are very helpful, but sometimes birthdays, anniversaries another special events get lost in our daily 'To Do's'. A journal offers you a unique place to record the most important events in life. At one glance you can see not just the event but gift ideas too.

Writing - Journaling - Blogging

Clears your mind

Builds your skills

Helps set your priorities

Inspires you

Speaks to you

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